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Yeah so after getting Master Collection CS5, I'm all pumped now to do some extra animation and drawings on PS, I just did the Solid Snake one, and am currently working on a Sonic Short, 2min long School Animation (which I'll post up here too) and maybe a simple fight scene sorta thing like what Hulalaoo does, since they're pretty cool, and everyone loves fbf.


:( Cancelled Animations

2009-04-26 03:33:27 by ForrestAnthony

My Mac has 100% fast-operating, and reliable since a got it, but all of the sudden,

A couple of my fla. files, the small and the big,

were all unable to be opened. and I've technically lost them, I'm honestly kind of annoyed,
because I was making quite some progress on the Newgrounds meet Australia 09' flash animation, and now it's gone, so I'm going to start making some original characters, and maybe a nice series to go with it,
to let myself get a name, and some extra money too.

:D .. and D:


- Forrest

Two new animations

2009-04-18 12:02:25 by ForrestAnthony

After having a great time at the Melbourne Newgrounds Meet 09', honestly, I really wanted to animate like a...1 minute cartoon of the whole day.

So expect a cartoon of our day within the next weeks or two, nothing special.

and also, with the help of voice acting extraordinaire, Rina-Chan, I've decided to...put "Sonic's Apartment" on pause until I quickly get that NG meet animation up and ready, not much fun if it get's seen years after the actual event.

so, yeah, I'll ask Tom to front page it (to spread the love), and If he doesn't, I'll tell him a really crappy Yo' Mamma joke I heard on youtube. lol.

that should do the trick.